Kensington Never Stops Reading

  • Summer is right around the corner, but don’t put those books away because Kensington never stops reading!

    Studies have shown that there is a significant loss in learning during summer months for students who do not read. This phenomenon has been called by a variety of names: “summer slide,” “summer setback,” “summer shortfall,” “summer reading loss.” Research clearly shows that students who don’t read during the summer begin school the following fall at a significant disadvantage compared with students who read when school is not in session.

    In order to encourage summer reading, the Kensington School Site Council, in conjunction with the Kensington faculty, is sponsoring a program, called “Kensington Never Stops Reading!”

    Our goals are to put books into the hands of every child in our school and to encourage participationin one of the many library summer reading programs.

    Things you need to know about the summer reading program

    • You will find in each summer reading bag a book and the calendar tally sheet to keep track of your reading times.
    • This year the tally sheet has been made easier. All you have to do is color in the sun if you read at least 20 minutes each day.
    • The program starts as soon as school lets out on June 7th and ends on August 20th when the new school year starts.
    • Very important – hang on to the calendar tally sheet (or whatever you use to record the reading times) so that they can be brought to school in the fall. We are planning a special recognition of everyone who meets the goal. Last year the students loved to see their pictures displayed in the MPR!
    • This summer’s goal is for each child to read 24 hours – that’s only 20 minutes every day! Cross off or color in a sun for each 20 minutes and at the end of the summer have your child bring his or her tally sheet to school to be recognized. If everyone participates this could add up to 180 days or one school year of reading for the entire school!
    • Many of the local libraries have reading programs that you can join this summer. You can join other programs and still turn in your tally sheet to us or the library’s certificate at the end of the summer. We just need proof of the time spent reading.
    • The Kensington Hilltop School website now has a section for the summer reading program. On it you will find book lists, links and downloadable copies of the tally sheet and instructions.
    • If you are travelling during the summer you can take along the tally sheet and some books for those long plane or car rides. And remember…



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