• School Description


    The staff and parents of Lupine Hills Elementary school promote a strong and challenging academic program based on the core curriculum and district standards. Students learn how to apply and extend basic academic, personal and social skills through the multiplicity of instructional materials, teaching styles, hands-on activities, collaborative interactions, and technologically supported classrooms.

    Parents and staff work together to create a positive learning environment. Rules and procedures are clearly posted and enforced by all adults. Parents regularly conference with teachers regarding their child's behavior. Positive incentives including weekly Rainbow Awards, students of the week, and Principal's Recess, promote a positive school climate.

    Parents and staff work together to provide a variety of programs and enrichment activities. The major programs offered at Lupine Hills/Hercules include: Resource Specialist Program, Learning Center, Speech and language Therapy, Full Inclusion Program, Gifted and Talented Education, Drug Abuse Prevention Course, String Ensemble and Band Music Programs, and Computer Education.

    Lupine Hills School has outstanding community and parent support. The Parent-Teacher Association raises funds for technology, multicultural activities, and to supplement core curriculum needs. The School Site Council and the English Language Advisory Committee provide leadership via monthly meetings to review and evaluate the school program. The principal publishes a weekly newsletter and calendar to keep families informed as to school programs and events.