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Friday April 16 Superintendent Update: Voluntary Spring In-Person Intervention and Instruction starts Monday

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April 16, 2021

Happy Friday, WCCUSD Community,

We are two days from reopening our school buildings on Monday as part of the voluntary Spring In-Person Intervention and Instruction plan.

It has been 13 months without face-to-face contact between students and teachers and teachers and families. WCCUSD school teams have done a great job building connections and cultures in the virtual world, but nothing replaces the real thing. And, we are excited to start experiencing and building those connections on Monday.

I want to be clear that this is a voluntary plan for staff and students. The plan focuses on offering in-person support and intervention to a prioritized list of the District’s highest-need students.

We have sufficient staffing to ensure that we serve those students who are in most need of in-person support. We continue to work with school teams to offer in-person support to the remaining students and families who desire to return to in-person school based on the number of district staff who have notified us that they are willing and able to return to in-person work.

As of this writing today, 51 percent of WCCUSD’s certificated staff(teachers and counselors) and 83 percent of classified (aides, custodians, etc) have confirmed their return to in-person student support. We continue to recruit from various networks (retirees, graduate tutors, and other qualified adults) to help support as many students as possible.

Again the plan is voluntary, and the District’s ability to offer in-person support to students and families is dependent on staffing capacity. We are working with each school leadership team to provide in-person support to as many families as staffing allows.

You should have received or will be receiving from your school a survey/form asking about your interest in the Spring In-Person Intervention and Instruction plan. Please look for that survey via email, text, phone call, or your school’s website or social media. We need you to let your school know as soon as possible of your intention.

If you plan to keep your child in Distance Learning for the remainder of the school, you will still receive quality online instruction from WCCUSD staff. Families should also know that Distance Learning will remain the core instructional model for the rest of the school year. 

If you are participating in the Voluntary Spring In-Person Intervention and Instruction plan, you must fill out the following forms:

  • Hold Harmless, Release, and Waiver of Liability Agreement Related to Covid-19 for in Person Learning
  • Parent/Student Contract for Hybrid In-Person Instruction  For Health and Safety Guidelines During Covid-19
  • A Health Screening Form
  • Covid-19 testing Form

You should have received or will be receiving a communication from your school about the forms and details about Monday. All staff and students will be required to get a Covid-19 test onsite on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. If your student takes AC Transit, the schedules and routes have been altered. You can view those changes here.

As we return to school, please note that masks are required to be worn by students and staff at all times during in-person instruction. Student cohort sizes will also be limited to 15 students for the hubs and 10 for the interventions. We will also need your help in screening your student and your health every day. It is vital that if your student is not feeling well, please keep them home and contact your doctor. Here is a Covid-19 Health and Safety Guide for you to review.

Classrooms and campuses will look different and will not be at their regular capacity. Please watch my recent visit to Grant Elementary School to get a sense of what school will look like for the foreseeable future. (NOTE, even I had to adjust my mask. It is something we are all going to have to do and be aware of constantly). Visitors on campus will also be minimal.

I want to thank everyone involved for helping us reach this fantastic moment. Again, our goal is to support as many students as possible in person for the last weeks of this year.  Thank you to students and families for your patience, flexibility, and understanding and to WCCUSD employee groups for getting us to this exciting moment.

Enjoy the weekend.

In community,
Matthew Duffy