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ParentLink Message 9.20.21

Good evening, Lincoln families. This is Mrs. Parham with a message on behalf of the Lincoln team. This message contains one very important piece of information.

Have you registered your child for covid-19 testing at Lincoln yet? Keep in mind that we have free covid testing at Lincoln every single Tuesday. Our goal is to have 100% of students and staff tested every week, because it's the best way to keep our community safe and have peace of mind. If you have not yet registered your child for covid testing with the new company the district now partners with, click on the link on our Class Dojo School Story page to register them. Remember that it is a one-time registration process but you must make an appointment for them each week. If you registered last week, please make sure to go back into the app and make an appointment for their test tomorrow. Thank you for keeping our community safe!

That's all I have for now. Please tell your children we love them, we care about them, and we take pride in serving them every day at Lincoln!