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ParentLink Message in English (1/6/21)

Lincoln community, this is Mrs. Parham with a message on behalf of our Lincoln team.

In the wake of the events currently happening in Washington DC and the rising concerns that come with it, we ask that we remain calm and find our place of safety within our community. The past year has been an incredibly difficult test of our abilities to keep our heads up during times of crisis and at this moment it's crucial to remember that these events are invoking a large amount of personal emotions. Stay safe, talk to your families, and keep going. We hope to see you in your homeroom classes tomorrow at 10am, where our teachers will leave room for discussions and questions on what is happening. We want all of our students and families to know that we care about them, please reach out for resources for your family including food, medical, and counseling. You can reach us by calling 510-231-1404 and leaving your name, phone number, and message. Additionally, we are holding an OPTIONAL schoolwide zoom meeting tomorrow morning, from 9:30-10am, for any students or community members who want a safe space to process today's events. This meeting will be held on our schoolwide zoom. We are here to support you.