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It's School Nutrition Employee Week

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May 4, 2020
Dear community,

This week is filled with many recognitions and I want to make sure that we honor and highlight the sacrifice and work that WCCUSD’s Food Services team has done not just over the past seven weeks but the entire year.

As we kick off School Nutrition Employee Week, let’s celebrate the individuals that prepare, deliver, and serve thousands of meals each day to students throughout the community. Now more than ever do we appreciate the Food Services team. This is also a fitting that we follow up Friday’s School Lunch Hero Day with this week of celebrating the entire nutrition team.

Since schools were forced to close on March 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Barbara Jellison and her team have served close to 800,000 meals in seven weeks at 22 locations throughout the District, including nine schools. Jellison’s team has shown up Monday through Friday to prepare and deliver meals to children 18 years or younger, regardless if they attend a WCCUSD school.

Jellison and her team have created a community table spread out over the District. Food services has linked the WCCUSD community not through only their sacrifice and work during this pandemic but also encouraged and received assistance from the community. Hundreds of volunteers have also shown up to ensure students are nourished and fed. 

So as we celebrate this week, let’s send extra energy to Food Services members for all they have done to try and provide some source of stability during these difficult times.

Thank you to the fantastic group of people that ensure students are well nourished in these difficult times and during what we once knew as “normal”.

In community,

Matthew Duffy