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What Are You Reading?: Library Services Team Encourages You to Show Us

Allyson Bogie and the rest of West Contra Costa Unified School District’s Library Services team is on a mission to keep families and staff reading during the Shelter in Place and have started the #ShelterinReading Campaign.

For the past two weeks, Bogie, the District Librarian, and a team of 37 librarians have turned school building closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity to celebrate literacy in a fun, sharable way on Twitter. And they want you to participate. Show us what you're reading with a photo with you and the book and then post it on Twitter and tag the District (@wccusd) and the Library Services team (@wccusdlibraries).

“This is a really exciting moment for families and teachers to promote reading and literacy,” Bogie said. “And, luckily we have a lot of tools to support that.”

Ms. Alex at DeJean is reading “Hermosa”, Mr. DeHoll at Pinole Middle is reading “Ghost” and Mr. Bader at Kennedy has picked up “Fluke”. The trio are just a sample of what WCCUSD is reading.  More than 30 teachers, principals and District staff have posted a selfie on Twitter or sent Bogie a photo of themselves with their current book.

Pinole Valley High School librarian Corinna Carlile started the project a few days after the District closed schools on March 16. Bogie said Carlile shared the idea with the library services group which shares ideas via Google Classroom and a weekly teacher librarian Zoom meeting.

As District librarians, Bogie and team had been working in the digital realm before the closure but since education shifted to distance learning electronically, Bogie and team have seen the need for digital resources increase.

With more families and students needing help with digital resources, the Library services team has refocused its work on assisting with using more digital tools, answering digital learning questions, making tutorials, providing phone support when needed; and managing the various digital learning platforms.

And now literacy has become an even bigger necessity. Bogie said reading is going to feel familiar, comforting and manageable to families. Reading and listening to books will also help students grow academically this spring, Bogie said. She encourages students to read any books they are interested in. Students and families have access to thousands of free ebooks, audiobooks, and "read-aloud" or video books that are accessible on any internet-connected device. Here is more reading information.

So start reading, and don’t forget to share a picture of you and the book with the Library Services team via email at or on Twitter by tagging @wccusdlibraries and @wccusd. And don’t forget #shelterinreading and #wccusdreads.


  1. Reading and listening to books will help students grow academically this spring.
  2. Your student doesn't have to read books at their "reading level"--any book they are interested in is the right book for now. Graphic novels are books!
  3. There are thousands of free ebooks, audiobooks, and "read-aloud" or video books that families can access on any internet-connected device. Here is more reading information.


  1. Reading is going to feel familiar and comforting to students, and manageable for families.
  2. District support is available to help students access free digital ebooks, audiobooks, and "read-aloud" books.
  3. This is the moment to encourage and celebrate choice reading and pleasure reading!