• Theory of Action

    If we intentionally refine our instructional practices and sharpen the implementation of our Response to Intervention then we will see student achievement soar.

    If we provide students with tools to collaborate, advocate, solve conflict and communicate then we will be a safe and welcoming community.

    If we develop as professional learning communities then we will provide teachers with the tools to impact student achievement.


    School Goals

    ELA: By June, 2020, all students will grow on average one grade level based on the STAR assessment.


    Math: By June, 2020, less than 40% of students will fall in the below basic category in grades 3-6 based on the IAB.


    ELD: By June, 2020, 15% of ELLs will meet reclassification criteria. This is approximately 45 students. 


    Staff Development: By June, 2020, 80% of teachers will report will report that teachers met their personal SMART Goals as based on the EOY Staff Survey