• With the exception of its teachers, the Kensington Education Foundation is operated entirely by volunteers. As such, KEF relies on members of the Kensington Hilltop parent community to help carry out its mission to support student learning. There are a numbers of ways for parents and community members to provide the necessary support:

    KEF Room Parent Liaison - Each classroom has a volunteer KEF Room Parent Liaison who acts as the primary communication link between KEF and classroom families. This role can be done remotely and has a low time commitment, mainly helping to email classroom families important information regarding KEF fundraisers and events during the year. If you are interested in serving as a KEF Room Parent Liaison, please contact Brenda Lee

    Board Member - Members of KEF’s board meet monthly during the school year to discuss ongoing programs, fundraising, budgeting, governance, and many other topics relevant to its mission. Joining the board provides a top-level understanding of the organization’s operations as well as the opportunity to be involved in discussions and decision-making about future funding and programs. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact Jessica Marantz.

    In-Class Helper - Many of our KEF teachers appreciate having a parent volunteer (sometimes two) on hand in the classroom to help them carry out their lesson. Spending time in your child’s class environment is a wonderful way to see them interact with their classmates, get to know faces and names, and be involved in the learning process. It’s also fun! At the beginning of the school year, the KEF Room Parent Liaison for each classroom shares a spreadsheet with their room’s KEF class schedule, inviting parents and guardians to volunteer. Sign up anytime and come once a month, once a week, or every day! Just be sure to get your volunteer badge beforehand. If you are interested in becoming an In-Class Helper, please contact Brenda Lee.