• Get Involved

    In addition to classroom volunteering, community members support our students in several critical areas:
    • Multicultural committee organizes community events for the Dual Language program
    • Safety committee supports student arrival/dismissal in the parking lot and greets students at the gate
    • Dad's Club runs an after-school student store with healthy snacks
    • Recess monitors run a Quiet Recess room for students who just want to chill. 

    Parents also serve in formal roles on the School Site Council (SSC), in the PTA, and as part of the site's African-American Parent Advisory Group. The role of the SSC is to give parents, teachers and staff more on-site decision-making ability by giving individuals the opportunity to work together in planning school program improvements. Stewart School has a School Site Council composed of five parents or community members, the principal, three classroom teachers, and one other staff member (Education Code Section 52852). This council reviews progress, the effectiveness of what we are doing in our Single Site Plan and then determines the best use of any budgetary funds that come under their domain. The PTA organizes evening social events for students and their families and conducts fundraisers to provide financial support for the positive incentives students earn for responsible behavior.

    Become a volunteer:  Go to beamentor.org and fill out an application. Then apply for a district badge to volunteer in classrooms, on campus, and for field trips.