• Kennedy Pathway Overview 

    Kennedy School is located in Richmond, CA. The goal of these Career Technical Education programs at KHS is to partner with businesses and colleges to provide real-world, career-focused projects within the classroom. CTE Academies and Pathways offer a wide variety of academic help and support for Kennedy students, including career-focused classes, study trips, career mentors, and internships. Kennedy offers 4 CTE Pathways:

    • Information Technology
    • Healthcare
    • Welding
    • Building & Construction Trades

    Kennedy High serves over 850 students, 74.5% of whom are socioeconomically disadvantaged, and 45.9% of whom are English Learners. Kennedy takes great pride in our work to combine resources from state and federal grants, as well as private industry,
    to provide industry-standard opportunities for our students.

    Construction trades