• Ellerhorst Elementary School is located in the city of Pinole and in historic Pinole Valley. The creek that flows beside the campus was once the campsite for local Miwok Indians and an early ruin from the Spanish Rancho era can be found nearby. The school was built in 1959 and named in honor of Frances L. Ellerhorst, one of Pinole’s earliest and most respected teachers. In October of 2005, we moved back to a totally renovated campus. We are indeed fortunate to be allowed to teach and learn in such a wonderfully beautiful and modern facility.

    The Ellerhorst community clearly values their school as the community center for their children. The PTA and the Dad’s Club willingly take on projects and provide extra funding through their several annual fundraising activities including the Walk A Thon, Book Fairs, Cookie Dough Sales,  Haunted Hallway, Movie Nights and Pasta Feed. These parent groups also arrange after school classes and many other extra-curricular activities year-round. Many students show off their talents in the annual Talent Show and their creativity during the science fair.

    This is a wonderful school in a great town that values and appreciates a good education for their children. Be part of the effort to promote and support Ellerhorst Elementary.

    And as to our mascot, the Rattler?  Rattlesnakes had been the first habitants of this town.  Read about rattlers being a common sight in 1970 in this Time Magazine article from June 29, 1970.

    MISSION STATEMENT: At Ellerhorst Elementary School, we are committed to:

    • Treating everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect.
    • Respecting, celebrating, and welcoming the diversity and contributions of all members of our school community.
    • Providing a safe and productive environment in which to learn, teach, work, and participate.
    • Using instructional strategies that meet each child's unique needs to reach his or her goals for success.
    • Working with the community to develop well-rounded, life-long learners and contributing members of a global society.