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June 2015 Learning Opportunities for Summer
May 2015 Teachers - Creating Futures
April 2015 Recognizing Our Classified Employees
March  2015 Local Control Accountability Plan Shaping the Future in WCCUSD
Financial Aid - Crucial in Getting Ready for College
January 2015 Common Core Moves Ahead in WCCUSD
December 2014 California Teachers Shortage & WCCUSD
November 2014 Full Services Community Schools & the Golden Bell Award
October 2014 College Going Culture
September 2014 Messaging Student Success
August 2014 Technology & Tablets
Celebration of the Class of 2014



June  2014 A Summer of Learning 
May 2014 Celebrating Our Teachers & Teachers Everywhere
April 2014 Renewing the Fine & Performing Arts in WCCUSD
March 2014 Technology is More than Computers for Testing
February 2014 Major Changes in State Assessment Program for 2014
January 2014 Local Control Funding Formula and Accountability Plan
December 2013 2014 Brings Major Changes
November 2013 Update on Professional Development
October     2013 College Day 2013
September   2013 Our Three Crucial Messages
August    2013 Common Core and Much More
2013 Update on the Strategic Planning Process



June 2013 Summer Learning for All
May 2013 Appreciating Our Teachers
April 2013 Recognizing Our Classified Employees
March 2013 Emergency Preparedness
February 2013 Common Core State Standards Task Force
January    2013 Assessing Our Priorities
December 2012 Grateful for Support for Education
November 2012 A New Kind of Toolbox
October 2012 What Our Students Deserve
September 2012 Mantra for Student Success
August 2012 Writing and National Common Core Standards
July 2012 Best of Times / Worst of Times


June 2012 Preventing Summer Learning Loss
May 2012 Appreciating Our Teachers
April 2012 Birthdays and Budget Cuts
March 2012 Funding That The State Can't Take Away
February 2012 Black History Month, Multicultural Education and the Achievement Gap
January 2012 The Advantages of Attending Public Schools
December 2011 Grateful for the Arts We Still Have
November 2011 Getting Debt Free
October 2011 Bond Programs Deliver on Promises for School Construction
September 2011 Top Three Messages
August 2011 Class of 2011 - Going Places and Doing Things
2011 Graduations & Learning After High School