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  • From the Principal's Desk: Week of January 23

    Posted by Paul Mansingh at 1/22/2017

    We hope the short week back was productive and allowed a smooth transition into the 2nd semester. Semester 1 report cards will be sent on Tuesday of this week to the address we have on record, so you should be receiving it by the end of next week. If your primary residence has changed, make sure you stop by the main office to update the records that we have on file. Once you get the report card, we encourage you to have an academic conversation with your son or daughter and speak in terms of the value of an academic paycheck. What is the monetary value of a report card? What is the value of passing all classes with a “C” or better? What is the plan for the 3rd quarter and how do you plan to monitor and assess your child’s progress throughout the next 3-4 weeks?   Academic achievements are not earned at the end of a grading period, but they are earned by a commitment to do academic work on a daily basis. The academic conversations you have with your son or daughter support and guide their efforts throughout each school day.

    At the end of February, we will be visited by members of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges to be reviewed for accreditation. This agency will be visiting our school for three days. We have been preparing for this visit since the middle of last year completing our self-study report. In preparation for this day, we will be holding a series of collaboration meetings on Wednesday. If you are willing to participate, please let me know. The meetings will start at 2:45pm in the library. Information pertaining to WASC can be found on our school website.

    We continue to check out tablets to all students. We now have approximately 500 plus tablets in circulation. Thanks for your patience as we move through full implementation of the 1:1, 2-in1 tablet initiative. Prior to a student receiving a tablet, they must have the student acceptable use policy and the student agreement for use of electronic mobile device policy signed by their parent or guardian. The intent is for each student to bring their tablets to school every day, just as they would bring pencil, paper, and notebook. If your child does not have a backpack to carry their school belongings I would suggest that you get one so they can keep their tablet inside. All teachers will be working on implementing some sort of lesson or activity that involves the use of these tablets.

    A couple of items that we would like your support with:

    • Students are not to receive food from outside vendors or food purchased from outside vendors are not to be dropped off for students throughout the school day.
    • Closed Campus Policy: Once a student is dropped off at school or arrives to school they are not to leave campus for any reason. This includes unauthorized trips to the parking lot. If at any time a student needs to leave campus they need to check out at student services office. Please remember that the student parking lot is off campus.

    Are you ready for the 2017-18 school year! Class selection is open to all students on line. You can access through you PowerSchool account. Check out our website for more information under the Student Resources tab, click on course registration!

    Seniors, Class of 2017! This is your year! Have you completed your service learning component required to graduate? Information on service learning opportunities can be discussed with any staff member.

    We will be conducting 9th and 10th grade meetings in physical education classes to present the PSAT results of last October. In addition, we are going to introduce options for 2017-18 school year focused on expanding our college/career pathways. Currently we are considering building a health careers pathway that would include courses in anatomy physiology, occupational therapy, sports medicine and nursing. More information to follow as we request feedback from 9th and 10th grade students.

    Academic Achievement Night, March of Scholars, will be February 9th. We plan on recognizing all our academic scholars who have earned a 3.0 or above, with no grade less than a C for the entire 1st semester. Invitations will be sent out by the end of this week.

    Yearbooks are currently on sale! They can be purchased through the school bank.

    We encourage students to participate in the Homework Center on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:15 – 4:30pm. The homework center is staff with three adult tutors through achieve learning. Students can receive additional support in Math, Science and English. The Homework Center is open to all students in need of a place and time to do homework.

    Throughout the 2nd semester, we will be encouraging all students to come to school as if they were reporting to work. This means that they present themselves throughout the school day with a focus that will earn an academic pay check. Electronic devices need to be turned off, left at home, or out of sight for the entire school day. Pants/ shirts, and all clothing need to be worn correctly without undergarments or excessive skin showing. We can’t get academically paid if we are not present to all classes on time. All students should be on campus by 8:10am, so they are not late to 1st period. Thank you for all your efforts to get all students on campus by 8:10am.

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