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  • From the Principals’ Desk: Week of 4/17/17 – 4/21/17

    Posted by Paul Mansingh at 4/15/2017

    From the Principals’ Desk: Week of 4/17/17 – 4/21/17

    Take time to review your child’s 3rd grading period progress report with them. Academic conversations continue to play an important role on the everyday performance of each student. 3rd quarter honor roll certificates will be distributed during 2nd period on Monday.

    We have started a campaign to encourage our students to be more mindful of responsible behaviors when they are eating inside the the cafeteria during the lunch time. Any student who is observed mis-behaving in the cafeteria will lose the privilege of eating lunch inside the cafeteria. We will also be expecting all students to clean off their tables, recycle their plastic water bottles and throw all their trash in the trash containers after they finish eating.

    The homework center meets in the library every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school for anyone needing a place to do homework. Achieve Learning provides academic tutors in Math, English and Science during these times. In addition to our after school tutorial, individual teachers do set up their own tutorial sessions, so check in with individual teachers if you need extra help on any subject.

    College Board offers SAT test sessions throughout the year, the next opportunity to take the SAT is June 3rd with the last day to register on May 9th.  We will be offering 5 Saturday sessions focused on SAT preparation starting April 29th and continuing on till May 27th. Any student that is interested must register through the school cashier. The cost for this program is $10.00 and there are only 60 spaces, so make sure you reserve yours on Monday. The deadline to sign up is this Friday.

    SBAC testing for 11th grade students is scheduled for April 25th – 28th.  All SBAC testing will be completed on student’s individual tablets. If you do not have your tablet, make sure you complete all the necessary paperwork and check one out through the library. All 11th grade students are encouraged to take the practice exams which can be found on our high school website under SBAC.  We will be on a special SBAC Bell Schedule, so make sure you view the information on our school website.

    AP Exams will being May

    The spring musical continues through this week, make sure you come out and join us for one of the showings that will be on Thursday night through Sunday.

    A couple of items that we need to address:

    • Student Parking Lots: If you drive to school you will need to register your vehicle through the cashier’s office. Any vehicle that is not registered or parked in unauthorized areas will be ticketed.
    • Students are not to receive food from outside vendors or food purchased from outside vendors are not to be dropped off for students throughout the school day.
    • Closed Campus Policy: Once a student is dropped off at school or arrives to school they are not to leave campus for any reason. This includes unauthorized trips to the parking lot. If at any time a student needs to leave campus they need to check out at attendance office. Please remember that the student parking lot is off campus.

    Throughout the 2nd semester, we will be encouraging all students to come to school as if they were reporting to work.  This means that they present themselves throughout the school day with a focus that will earn an academic pay check.  Electronic devices need to be turned off, left at home, or out of sight for the entire school day. Pants/ shirts, and all clothing need to be worn correctly without undergarments or excessive skin showing. We can’t get academically paid if we are not present to all classes on time. All students should be on campus by 8:10am, so they are not late to 1st period. Thank you for all your efforts to get all students on campus by 8:10am.


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