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We, the students, teachers, parents, administrators, staff and community of Juan Crespi, recognize that education is a cooperative endeavor and that all of us must play an active role in order to achieve success. 
As an educational community, we are dedicated to reaching our full potential, and we believe that learning requires self-esteem, personal effort, mutual respect, a safe and orderly environment, adequate resources and clear goals.
Together we work to develop a rigorous curriculum, a variety of school activities, and a network of support services so that all students may achieve academic and personal success as they prepare to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in our democratic society.




Principals' Message

  • Principal's Message 3/26/17

    Posted by Guthrie Fleischman at 3/26/2017 6:00:00 PM


    For 8th grade families, we are planning for the Promotion Ceremony on June 9th and would like to know if any families will need an American Sign Language interpreter.  If your family will need this service, please notify me as soon as possible.


    In the past few weeks have have had a handful of false fire alarm pulls causing us to evacuate the school.  This also sends a signal to the fire department that we have a fire, which pulls life saving services away from actual emergencies.  As a result, the school can be fined nearly $500 and this fine can be charged to students who are caught pulling false alarms.


    Tuesday, March 28th will be the last day of Quarter 3.  Report cards will be mailed out to families.


    Parent university will be Tuesday March 28 from 8:45-10:45 at Sheldon Elementary.  All are welcome


    The 8th grade Panoramic photo will be taken on Wednesday March 29 during 2nd period.


    The main office will be closed Wednesday, March 29th from 3-4 PM for an office staff meeting.


    Thank you to those who attended Open House night on Thursday and to those who have filled out the parent survey.  This survey allows us to know from the parents’ perspective how we are doing as a school so that we can continue to grow.  

    Link: California School Parent Survey

    Access Code: NA29KK


    Congratulations to Arthur Roth who took 3rd place at the county science fair.


    Para las familias de 8vo grado, estamos planeando la Ceremonia de Promoción el 9 de Junio y nos gustaría saber si alguna familia necesitará un intérprete de lenguaje de señas americano. Si su familia necesita este servicio, por favor avíseme lo antes posible.
    En las últimas semanas hemos tenido muchos incidentes de falsas alarmas de incendios donde halan la alarma de incendios y nos hacen evacuar la escuela. Esto también envía una señal al departamento de bomberos que tenemos un incendio, lo que obstruye los servicios de salvar vidas en emergencias reales. Como resultado, la escuela puede recibir una multa de casi $ 500 dolares y esta multa puede ser cobrada a los estudiantes que son atrapados halando las alarmas falsamente.
    El Martes 28 de Marzo será el último día del tercer trimestre. Las boletas de calificaciones serán enviadas por correo a las familias.
    La Universidad de Padres será el Martes 28 de Marzo de 8: 45 a 10: 45 a.m en la Escuela Primaria Sheldon. Todos son bienvenidos.
    La foto panorámica de octavo grado se tomará el Miércoles 29 de Marzo durante el segundo período.
    La oficina principal estará cerrada el Miércoles 29 de Marzo de 3 a 4 p.m por una reunión del personal de oficina.
    Gracias a aquellos que asistieron a la noche de Open House el Jueves y a aquellos que han llenado la encuesta de padres. Esta encuesta nos permite saber desde la perspectiva de los padres cómo estamos haciendo como escuela para que podamos seguir creciendo. 

    Link: California School Parent Survey

    Access Code: NA29KK

    Felicitaciones a Arthur Roth, que gano el tercer lugar en la feria de ciencias del condado.


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  • Special Message

    Posted by Guthrie Fleischman at 11/15/2016 9:30:00 PM
    We live in a democratic nation, sometimes the person you like doesn't win or someone you fear does win. The good thing about our system is that no one rules forever and there will always be another election. For some of you, you will have the chance to vote in the next election. Educate yourself and make a wise and informed decision.
    But bigotry and bullying are not democratic values.
    I, and your teachers, and everyone at Crespi stand with our Muslim students, our Latino students, our African American students, and our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students. Our immigrant students, and your families. Everyone who feels threatened or afraid right now. We love you and we will protect you. Anyone that wants to deport you or your family will have to go through me first. I stand with you and I support you.
    Young women, you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. Nothing else is acceptable.  And young men this is your responsibility.  I want you to look to your teachers, coaches, your fathers, your uncles, pastors and other men in your life who treat women with respect and dignity. I will continue to do everything that I can to be a great example to you with regard to how a true man treats all women with respect and dignity.
    Be not afraid, be prepared. Be not timid, be informed. Be not defeated, be inspired to work harder, to read more, to engage in conversation and dialogue, to work with your allies toward a better future for yourself, your family, and your country.  Education is now more important than it has ever been as it represents your opportunity to seize power and self-determination.
    I have heard stories from around the country of threats toward students in schools since the election.  This did not surprise me.  I was surprised to hear that here at Crespi Latino students were being told that they would be deported now.  I have also heard that White students have been told that it is their fault that Donald Trump was elected.  However you feel about national politics, the answer is not to attack or insult one another here at school.  Hate cannot stamp out hate, only love can do that.  If you would like to have a safe space to speak about how you are feeling since the election, I will be in the drama room today during both lunches and we can talk then.
    I will leave you with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He said, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."  This is not the end of our story, but a moment on the arc toward justice for all.
    Thank you, I love you, and I am here for you.
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