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  • GOOD MORNING DE ANZA HIGH SCHOOL!! Today is Monday, November 24th, 2014!  Today’s weather is sunny with a high of 65 degrees.  Now here are your announcements brought to you by the leadership class.

    → Find those ID badges now! Starting Monday, Dec. 1st, All students will be required to wear their ID badges at all times.  The weather is changing; following the De Anza Dress Code keeps you warmer in winter. Thank you for remembering that hoods and hats are to be removed indoors and bandanas are not acceptable fashion accessories. Please remember that once you park your car and enter campus, you are expected to stay on campus all day unless you get written permission to leave from the front office. Personal electronic devices may be used during lunch, passing periods and before and after school. They may be used in class with a teacher's permission and ONLY for EDUCATIONAL purposes. If a cell phone or device is confiscated, a parent or guardian may pick it up on Mondays from 2:45-3:45 pm in the front office. No exceptions. No negotiations. Students are not to enter or exit the school through the main office unless the gate is locked.

    -->Please thank the following students for representing De Anza at Saturday morning’s NCS Championship Cross Country meet in Hayward.

    They did so with honor and good sportsmanship.

    Your 2014 NCS Varsity runners were Madelyn DeNatale, Mary Helberg, Jennifer Campos, Luis Arreola, Allan Espejo, Brandon Espejo, Eleazar Galeano, and Chris Helberg.

    Congratulations to them on courageous runs in the rain, through puddles and slippery mud.  Keep on running Dons!

    → Snowball tickets for the Richmond Dance on December 13th, Saturday, are now available at the cashiers.  Tickets are $25 so stop by at lunch or after school to pick yours up today!

    Thank you!


    InterACT - Eaton/Headington - @ Lunch 
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  • Today (9/11/14)begins the two-week contest to create this year's new Rich City T-Shirt Design. Come to Hip Hop Club today in 7-215 at lunch. All students are welcome and all design ideas will be considered. The winning Designer gets a free shirt! (Per Ms. Hansen & Mr. Headington).
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De Anza High School Principal’s Message

Hello everyone,

I want to welcome you to a new school year on our new De Anza High School Campus. This is a beautiful, state-of-the-art academic institution, and we are so proud to have all of you as a part of our learning community that will strive for success here. This year, along with our new gyms and theater, we have implemented new classes and programs to further enhance your high school experience. Within these pages you will find all the information you will need to navigate yourself successfully through the year here at De Anza High School. You will find information regarding procedures about athletics, academies, expectations for your behavior, extra and co-curricular activities, graduation requirements, and, most importantly, the names of those on campus that are here to support you. Teachers, staff, and administrators are here at De Anza High School because we care about helping students. We all have involved ourselves in activities both in and out of the classrooms in order to provide a special high school experience for you. We believe that we can make a difference during your high school years. We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities provided for you here on campus.  Get involved in the many clubs, teams, programs, and activities we have for you. Getting involved and getting to know others on campus, both adults and students will strengthen your life experiences and prepare you for future years. This planner is designed to help you to prepare yourself, to stay organized, and to understand the procedures of our campus. This will be an exciting year. I am excited about it, and look forward to all that is ahead. I hope you do as well.


Robert Evans, Principal


Vision Statement

De Anza is a rigorous and engaging educational environment in which all students achieve academic and personal success as they become lifelong learners and productive citizens.


Mission Statement

De Anza provides quality teaching, a caring and safe environment, promotes learning, and prepares all students for graduation and the career path of their choice.


Expected School–Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

De Anza High School Students will:

Think: Critically and Creatively

Communicate: Respectfully and Effectively

Contribute: Locally and Globally