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  • Transitions--This week all but the front office is going to be off-limits as the construction kicks into high gear.  The folk working on the interim campus are also going to be moving items boxed up in June to our new home in time for August.  We are making the decisions about what comes with us, what is going to be placed in storage and what we leave behind.  Tough choices!  But with it, a chance to start anew too.  Like our students, we are deciding whether to continue with established protocols or take advantage of the new year to begin a different approach.  Not a bad lesson for adults either; how hard it is to change habits, to try a novel approach or even to tweak an old method and see if it can be improved.  We are using the last of our time on the old campus to run copies and gather material for our walk through registration.  Spirits are high as all of us look around and imagine how we can do things better.  We want you, the community to be a part of that dialogue as well.  So when you see us in early August, let us know what you see--"this is how we've always done it" is something that we know we are going to leave behind!
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  • School Board celebrates Spartan Jim

    Water polo coach extraorinaire, Jim Ulversoy has been named state Coach of the Year, and tonight Wednesday July 23rd he is going to be recognized by the West Contra Costa Unified School Board at their monthly meeting. You are the best, Jim. Now everybody gets to know it!

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  • Campus ready for its opening August 18

    Just got word from the Superintendent and the contractor that we are ready for our school's opening. Teachers and staff wll have full access on August 11. Look forward to seeing everyone there, then

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  • Picture Day is Coming

    Photos will be taken at walkthrough...

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  • Senior Swag Price List

    The price list for senior items is now available.

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  • Walk Through Registration Begins August 6

    And wraps up August 7. Postcards have been mailed. Click above for more information.

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  • Best in Class, Best in Show

    Tiffany Thompson won both Best in Class and Best in Show at the Alameda County Fair for her exquisite drawings. We'll have them on display at Walk through. Very proud of you Tiffany, and we have the ribbons to prove it! Click above for all of our winners. (There were a lot!)

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  • Football Fired up for 2014!

    5 big home games, each bigger than the last. Be here on Friday September 5th for Community Night, as we celebrate all of Pinole, and the Spartans host American Canyon 4:30 JV 7:00 Varsity

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  • Our Marquee is Down, but not Out!

    Looking for our message board out front? It's on Summer Break as well. Actually it's electronics have been turned off, awaiting our move to the Temporary campus. Not to worry, we'll keep you posted here.

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  • Our Website is up to date--check it out

    We know it's mid-July, but we are working to make our site relevant and useful. All of our front office staff can be reached through the website--check it out. Go to our school and find links there. You don't have to wait for school to open to find us.

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  • AP test results rolling in

    And we have Spartans who aced the College Board assessments. Our AP Spanish results show 16 of our 17 students having passed the high level test. We are thrilled. And great job, Mr. Botello--tip top teaching!

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It's summer time! The office will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. every day. But walk carefully, there's construction going on!

 Inside Pinole Valley--Mid Summer Edition
  • We are still open for business.  The office staff is here from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..
  • Master schedule at work!  We are working to build a schedule that allows us to hit the ground running in August.  A last few moves before we're ready to publish.
  • Moving day is on its way.  We anticipate the movers taking classroom material that has been boxed up to the new campus during the next fortnight.
  • Get ready for the Road to Sparta!  We have named some of our new routes and roads through the Interim campus.  We are celebrating our name and heritage.  We think you'll be tickled too.
  • Ready for walk through?  We are going to need some volunteers for our walk through registration.  Let Principal Kibby Kleiman know if you can assist us on August 6 or 7.
  • We are looking for home(s) for an Exchange student.  Pinole Valley is happy to host, but our world travelers would need a place to call home.  Let the principal know if you would be willing to make this year, an international one.
  • High profile--we want to be part of the community now more than ever.  If you know of a city event, and that our students can assist or take part it, we want to be a part of it.  We look forward to being a community resource in 2014-2015.  We are hosting a candidates night.  Maybe we can host you, too!

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Construction Corner
Early July images from the temporary campus.   Check out the latest photos from Pinole Valley 
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