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  • The week that was, the week that will be!:  It looks like school.  That's what we heard all day from Tuesday--Friday.  Students figured out where their teachers were, where the bathrooms were, where the office is, and how to get from point A to point B (and back).  We are thrilled with how orderly the campus looks.  Passing period is a little congested and we may need to consider the issue of students going from the furthest ends of campus to the nearest without being late, looks good.  We are distributing books to individual students all this week, and are delivering to the student's their class sets.  Everyone's patience has been a gift.  The fact that both adults and students have allowed for a glitch or two, means that when one happens (a key doesn't work, a projector hasn't been transported, a room number was listed wrongly), everyone has been good-natured and flexible.  That means for us the happiest of all news--the business of school has been the order of business.  We are dealing with students requesting program changes, balancing class size and making sure that our teachers have the materials they need:  in other words--school stuff.  We are proud of our transition and thankful to our team.  There are still some shifts forthcoming, but we will take it in Spartan stride.  Come on by after school this week, and see what we're talking about.  Now, back to work!
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  • Friday announcements

    These go out to the school. And now if you click above--available to you

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  • Football Friday

    OK, scrimmage Friday, but still. Wear your blue and gold and cheer the Spartans on as the JV takes on DeAnza and the Varsity tangles with Richmond and the Dons. 4:30 JV. Varsity at 6:15. Practice makes perfect

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  • Club Awareness Week

    Every day clubs meet at Pinole Valley High School and some people never find out. Don't let this happen to you. Join a club, start a club and bring your student life to life. First meeting Tuesday in #53 at lunch with Ms.Schurr.

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  • Leadership Wants You!

    Starting next week we are holding elections to determine many vacant offices. You can serve your school, get credit and be a statesmen. Listen for future announcements all next week

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  • Drama Club

    Great new theater space. Same great drama teacher. Join the club. It meets for the first time next Thursday August 28 at lunch time.

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  • Combo or Mambo?

    Our singing program is getting started, and wants you, if you want to be a part of a group or start your own combo. Find Mr. Flanagan in #64 tomorrow or Friday at lunch time. Say it with a song.

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  • Speak Up!

    Great turnout for Forensics on Thursday. New and prospective speakers still have a chance to join, but find us quick, next Tuesday August 26 in #63 with the fabulous Ms. Lamons

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  • When I Say, "Blue!" You say...?"

    Gold? If you got that right, you might have the right stuff to be a Spartan cheerleader. Tryouts this Wednesday August 20 and Thursday August 21 5:00--7:00 p.m.out on the track.

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  • Tennis Everyone?

    Girls at least in the Fall. We are hosting tryouts all this week across the street after school. Bring a great attitude and if you have; a racquet

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  • When can I change my classes?

    Some requests are must-do's. Student has passed Geometry and placed in Algebra I. Student needs and doesn't have enough Science to graduate. Our counseling staff is taking all "Pink forms" and calling in Seniors and Juniors for consultation starting Wednesday of this week. When they finish the upperclassmen, they will call in the youngsters. Until or pending a change, do your A level best in the class you do have

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 Inside Pinole Valley--Week of August 25-29
  • Week one went very well, so we want to do it again in week two.
  • Counselors are not going to see students until late in the week, so that they can solve the student schedule issues that have been submitted to them.  In short, we are still going through our upperclassmen programs first and then by week's end, will be doing fixes on frosh and sophs.  The priority goes to graduation requirements, if students need a class to graduate, they move to the front of the line.
  • We are starting Club Awareness Week.  That is important, because one of the primary factors in student success is when they are involved.  We have many existing clubs, but some that have a low profile and would love to have your influence.  Have you seen the Fashion Club?  They're stylish and together!
  • Leadership is getting started, the student body council is planning for a creative and active year.  They have a new sponsor, Ms. Schurr, who has got a can-do spirit that will make this a year to remember.  If you want to run for a position and be a part of our new school, listen for our daily announcements.
  • Speaking of which, we send a regular Friday phone call home, but do update our website "headlines" daily.  Keep up with all things Pinole Valley through this site.
  • Reminder we have a new telephone number.  It is 510.231.1442.
  • Fall Sports continues its practice season--some are a week away from the start of the season.  Girls volleyball, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls water polo and a sport that we would love to have more of a turnout for and that is Girls Tennis.  Coach Jeffry in his first year, really changed the culture, and he welcomes even ladies who have not played before.  It's across the street, Monday-Tuesday--Wednesday and you just need to bring a winning attitude, the coach will assist you to find your inner Serena
  • Lanyards are our push for the year from day one to day 180.  We are so pleased that students have been so cooperative, as it helps us to track and make sure that everybody on our site belongs to us.
  • Forensics has its last new sign ups on Tuesday.  We had over a dozen show for Thursday's inaugural meeting and can take just a few more.  That is in room 63 with Ms. Lamons, and it is going to be epic
  • Poly Club back in action, meeting Wednesday with Ms. Sanchez in room 47.
  • And the School Site Council meets for the first time on Tuesday after school.  That's where we decide how we spend our cash.  We'll hold elections for new officers, teachers, students and parents encouraged to take part.
  • WASC this Wednesday as our staff readies for the October 20 visitation.
  • Football goes on the road at Miramonte of Orinda.  4:30 JV, 7:00 Varsity.  Everyone's undefeated on opening day
  • Thanks again to everyone from the District to the City for getting our school safe and ready and active by day one.  Wait til you see what we do with it by year's end.

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Construction Corner
We are nearly complete.  Give us a few days to start school and we'll post our new look.  And in time, check back here, when ground is broken on the permanent campus scheduled for construction in 2018