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    Código de la escuela:YW76PP
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  • Community Access II--Tuesday April 22 is the day we invite the school community inside to check out the school.  We want you to come see our school in action.  We open our doors at 9:00 a.m. in the front office.  We will have a map and a schedule.  We will also be testing that day, so you can peak your head in there as well.  Here's some of what we hope that you note--are students being called on to check for their understanding?  Are teachers doing all the work, or are they asking their students to carry more of the burden?  Are the students asked to focus and demonstrate stamina?  Are the students engaged?  Are they on task?  How efficient is the classroom time?  Are the students being challenged?  Are the students reaching the standard that the teacher set up for them?  And then, no doubt you will have questions on your own.  Feel free to visit classes that your child has, and ones that he or she may have.  Visit our AP classes or our Special needs ones.  We can't predict exactly what you're going to see.  Come to think of it, that's what a school day is like for us too.  Come join us!
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 Inside Pinole Valley--week of April 21--26
  • California Healthy Kids Survey--Parents we Need your participation: Go to the left side of this page to login and share your point of view about how our school serves our students.  This is the last week
  • This week is Spirit Week--Monday is wearing white T-shirts and blue jeans
  • Advocacy Day on April 21st
  • AAA program goes to Point Pinole
  • Students can still buy their tickets for Senior Ball and the Senior Breakfast
  • Check out the new portables, every day more seem to appear.  By this time, next week who knows how many there will be?
  • Tuesday is Sports Jersey day.  Wear your team with pride.
  • Tuesday is community access day.  Come on in and see us at work.
  • Tuesday the Smarter Balance exam continues.  Come see that as well.  Testing continues for juniors through Wednesday
  • Wednesday is Cartoon Day
  • Wednesday is also Collaboration Day where we meet to talk about WASC
  • Heritage Day dancers performing after school in the cafeteria.
  • Thursday is Hawaiian day
  • Thursday our top orators travel to Modesto for the State Championship
  • Friday is Blue and Gold Day
  • It is also a Rally Day. 
  • It is also a Spirit Day
  • It is also the Day of the Spring Musical.  As is Saturday
  • Engineering Academy travels to the Robotics competition at UC Berkeley
  • Last Dance.  Alumni and community welcome to the gym for a Saturday night affair

           Pinole Valley

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Construction Corner
Updated photos!, The Temporary campus is on its way.  The blacktop is in place and last week, the first two of the portable classrooms was trucked in and tucked in to the field.  We are seeing about two new portables every day, and with it the future is beginning to take shape.  In addition to the machines making sure that the temporary buildings are put just so, we have our very first construction on the current campus.  The blacktop/tennis court/basketball court/soccer field that is between the 1000's and 1100's is now under construction.  The architects have dug up the blacktop (and temporarily displace our lunch crowd) in order to put in the plumbing and pipes to house six new portables.  We anticipate that the now fenced off area will remain as such for the rest of this school year, but by the time, we're back in August, look for new portables, a new restroom and a new path from here to there.
 Driving in On the pad portable side view