West Contra Costa Unified

School District



Located at Pupil Services Center
2465 Dolan Way, Rm. 20
San Pablo, CA 94806
Fax: (510) 741-8971
The purpose of our department is to help students:
  • Attain optimal health in school through health maintenance and education of staff
  • Retain health while in school by supporting staff observance of individual, recommended health practices
  • Restore health if alteration from illness, or life change occurs while the students is enrolled in WCCUSD
Other duties:
  • Administration of State health mandates
  • Providing consultation on student health issues
  • Providing health focus and student care plans for 504's and IEP's
We are currently hiring School District Nurses.  Please click the following link to fill out an Edjoin application:
Full-time Nurses
Jill Brickner (510) 307-4630 ext. 26752
Alejandro Fuentes (510) 307-4630 ext. 26767 
William Mixson  (510) 307-4630 Ext. 26760
Bridget Moran (510) 307-4630 ext. 26753
Ross Ramos (510) 307-4630 ext. 26835
Part-time Nurses
Elaine Claudeanos (510) 307-4630 ext. 26754 (Hearing, Vision, & Scoliosis Mandates)
Frances Ng (510) 307-4630 ext. 26757 (CHDP Mandates)
Jamie Whitelaw (510) 307-4646