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Valley View Paren'ts Club

Valley View Parent's Club


A group of dedicated parents and gaurdians who support the students, parents, teachers, community of Valley View Elementary School.


Become a member today! Its easy. Fill out  the membership forms and turn it in by e-mailing it to or by dropping it off at VVPC dropbox in the school office or simple filling it on line.

Get Involved at School

Take the 2 HOUR POWER pledge!

Become more than just a member.  Feel the pride that comes with volunteering with the Parents Club.  Have only a few hours a year to spare? Maybe you only have 10-15 minutes here and there?  No problem.  Pick what you want to do from a wide variety of activities and programs. Many of them can be completed off site during off hours.

Want to make a larger impact?  You can manage one of the smaller programs.  Want to really make a difference?  Then be a chairperson for a large program or fundraiser.  Whatever you choose to do, you will help make our school great and a place to be proud of. 

Once you have filled out your sheet, e-mail it to the VVPC at You don’t need to be a VVPC member to help out and volunteer your time.  However, membership allows one to vote during the member meetings.  Also, membership is free.

Some activities require the person to be registered through the district as a Volunteer.  These folks will be issued a “Volunteer Badge.”  See the district’s “Volunteer Service Reference Guide” for more information. Apply for your volunteer badge today by starting the process online:


Don’t wait for someone else to do it.  We need  you!  Make a difference today.

Thanks for your interest and commitment to Valley View.