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Welcome Message

Welcome to the Nystrom Elementary School Website

Welcome to Nystrom Elementary!  We are thrilled to begin the new year, and there are many exciting things ahead this school year!  

First and foremost, it’s hard not to be excited about the beautiful new Nystrom campus.  After years of construction the building is done and is a state of the art facility for our students and staff.  The project is not completely done, as our playground is not yet completed.  With that ongoing construction, we ask for your continued patience and flexibility in the transition.

One will be our continued work around Efficacy.  As a staff, we are united around the belief that our students can and will demonstrate academic proficiency while also developing strong character.  We reject the widely held belief that some people are born smart and others aren’t.  Nystrom is fortunate to be one of a handful of schools in the district that is partnering with the Efficacy Institute to provide training for staff and parents on the Efficacy model.  This model embraces the assumption that all students can achieve at high levels, and explicitly teaches and reinforces it in everyday practices.  Over the course of the year we will offer trainings for parents in this work as well. 

Here is the Nystrom vision statement: 

At Nystrom Elementary School we strive to provide rigorous, engaging, Common Core-aligned instruction that lays the foundation for all students to be successful in college and career endeavors.  We will support children in developing academic proficiency and strong character.  We will continuously work to develop a “work hard, get smart” mindset in our students and staff and aim to create a positive school community based on the Efficacy model.