• Miscellaneous Electives


    Work Experience

    Prerequisite: Satisfactory school attendance and marks .Working part-time a minimum of 10 hours per week on three school days for an approval place of employment. Must have worked at the place of employment a reasonable amount of time
    Graduation: Satisfies WCCUSD elective credit for graduation
    Description: An opportunity for students to earn 5-10 credits per semester for working part-time while attending school. attendance is required in a related instruction class for one period each week. Students acquire their own jobs and are required to turn in a time card each week showing hours and signed by their employer supervisor. Students must be enrolled in at least four classes at their high school and maintain satisfactory attendance and marks in these classes while working

    Course ID#: 9045 / Grades: 11-12/ Course length: n/a

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    Yearbook (ROP)


    Prerequisite: Application,interview,and consent of the instructor
    Graduation:Satisfies WCCUSD elective credit for graduation
    Description: A two-dimensional art class. Students enrolled in Yearbook Design create and produce the school annual. the student staff is responsible for publishing,planning,writing,editing copy,designing and photographing pages, and obtaining funding through book and advertising sales.

    Course ID#: 83600 / Grades: 10-12 / Course length: Year

    Introduction to Health Careers (ROP)

    Prerequisite: none
    Graduation: satisfies Life Science or Elective requirement for WCCUSD high school graduation.
    Description: The primary goal for this course is to prepare students for a possible career in the fields of Health,Athletic Management,Community Affairs,and Public Service. As the student's awareness of possible career in these fields is broadened,he/she will also develop the skills necessary to be successful in a multitude of professions. through a variety of assignments, students will develop their reading,writing,and verbal skills as well as create a personal blueprint for lifelong health living habits .During the second semester students will spend 5-8 hours per week in an internship of their choice.

    Course ID#: 67850 / Grades: 10-12 (age 16+) / Course length: Year