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    October 24th – October 28th 2016




    Health Center Closed.




    End of first quarter.


    Radio show Broadcast during 3rd period Block. AP Humanities classes (APUSH, AP Gov/Econ, AP Lang, AP Lit)



    Girls Volleyball Playoff game @ john Swett 7pm


    ITA Advisory Board Meeting @ 430pm





    Minimum Day & No Collaboration


    Mark Report Cards on PowerSchool.


    Advocacy Committee Meeting @ 4pm (Time Carded)


    UTR Rep Council Meeting @ 4pm Pinole Middle



    Grades Due by 830am.


    Department Chair Meeting @ Stege Elementary 4pm



    Student Advocacy - Quarter Grade Check


    Football @ Kennedy High School


    Opening weekend of Theater play - Sweeny Todd (Will run for 2 weekends)


    Saturday - Tech Academy Free Fix Day!

    Instructional Highlight!

    Review your grades in PowerSchool. Often it helps to go through, student by student, and make sure the grade they are receiving reflects their overall performance.


    Some teachers also ask for the last day to turn in work, a few days early (Like Monday) to give themselves extra time to grade, and make sure everything is complete.



         Thank you to everyone who participated in the Homecoming parade, floats and the rally. Everything came together and the students and community had a great time.




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 Help our football game this Friday night versus Kennedy High become the "Game of the Week" for Cal Hi Sports! Follow this link and vote on the right hand side.
 Principal's Message
 Welcome back to the 2016-17 school-year! As always, De Anza's Staff is committed to excellence in preparing students for college and career. By the end of their four years here we want all students to be able to think critically and creatively, communicate respectfully and effectively, and contribute locally and globally.
In order to accomplish these outcomes there are two major changes this school-year. The first is that De Anza launched it's first ever "Link Crew". Link Crew is a peer mentoring program in which 65 of our juniors and seniors were trained to lead groups of Freshman. They kicked off the year with a Freshman Orientation during which each freshman was assigned to a group of 6-10 freshman lead by two upper-classman. The Link Leaders checked back in with their freshman during the first Freshman Assembly and will continue to monitor the progress of their group throughout the school-year.
The second major change we are implementing is our modified block scheduling. The new bell schedule will begin the week of September 12th. Each Monday students will attend periods 1-7 and the classes will be 49 minutes long. Each Tuesday and Thursday students will attend periods 1, 3, 5, and 7, and each Wednesday and Friday students will attend period 2, 4, and 6. Tuesday-Thursday the classes will be 90 minutes long. The goal of the longer periods is to give students a more collegiate experience, and to give them enough time in each class to engage in projects, labs, and hands-on activities. The teachers are participating in on-going training pertaining to the block and will continue to adjust instructional practice throughout the year to meet the needs of the students.
De Anza's third major change is the addition of a "Student Advocacy" course on Friday mornings.  The purpose of the Advocacy period is to create a space within the school-day to address students non-curricular academic needs. During this class students will participate in a variety of activities geared to teach them about: opportunities and services on campus, college-readiness skills and programs, and stress management. Students will also be asked to give feedback about a variety of programs on campus. We hope that collecting their feedback and creating a space to meet their needs will help our students to feel confident in their ability to be successful at De Anza, and in whatever college or career path they choose post-high school. It is important to note that this is a required class for all students.
We look forward to an excellent year and appreciate the partnership of our community.
Summer Sigler 

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