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  • Every Friday is a Collaboration Day at Pinole Middle School.  That means that your students get out at 1:31 PM and they must be off school grounds by 1:45 PM.

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Welcome to the Pinole Middle School Website
This is Week 9 of the 3rd Quarter the last week of the quarter
Today is Open House Day!!!
Thursday March 26th, 2015 
  • We will be running the regular Minimum Day Schedule found in the Bell schedule Quick Links tab of this page.
  • Please plan to arrive by 6:00 PM so that you can come and hear what is going on at Pinole Middle School and what will be offered for all to go to the rest of the evening:
                               6:00 – 6:50 pm  
Parents arrive for the opening presentations, when this has finished, parents will be asked to take the Healthy Kids survey

7:00 – 7:08 pm        1st Period

7:13 – 7:21 pm        2nd Period

7:26 – 7:34 pm        3rd Period

7:39 – 7:47 pm        4th Period

7:52 – 8:00 pm        5th Period

8:05 – 8:13 pm        6th Period

8:18 – 8:26 pm        7th Period

Our Mission Statement
The mission of Pinole Middle School is to provide every student the opportunity to maximize his/her ability to learn. The opportunity will encompass and celebrate the diversity of our community and will guarantee equal access for every student. We recognize that education is fostered through cooperation between the school, home and community.