DeAnza High School

Achieving Excellence

Mission & Focus

The De Anza Law Academy is a small learning community within in De Anza High School. Law Academy students learn and advance as a cohort, working together with dedicated faculty to prepare for the college or career of their choice.

     The Law Academy is an excellent option for students interested in the functions of government, the legal system, and public service and advocacy. Law Academy students receive exposure to the legal profession, and develop the skills and knowledge needed to embark on advanced professional and academic careers.

     The De Anza Law Academy is newly established and has already formed valuable partnerships with the California Bar Association, the ACLU of Northern California, and several corporations and law firms. We look forward to building a strong learning environment that fosters academic growth, professionalism, and integrity.

Law Course Sequence

Students in the law academy take an academy course each year. They are focused on different aspects of the law professions. The course sequence by grade is listed below:




Introduction to Law

Law and Justice (Criminal Law)