What is the PE uniform?

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The Titan Physical Education Uniform is strongly encouraged & may be purchased from the office manager.

  • Columbia Blue Titan Physical Education T-shirt ($10.00)
  • Black Titan Physical Education Shorts ($10.00)
  • Athletic Shoes (must tie and be used only for P.E.)
  • Optional Clothing: Titan sweatshirt and Titan sweatpants or Plain Black (no pockets) ($15.00 each)
  • If the Titan Physical Education Uniform cannot be purchased, a plain light/Columbia blue, grey, or black t-shirt may be worn. Plain black shorts are also acceptable.
  • The Physical Education uniform may not have pockets and any logos or emblems must be less than 4 inches in diameter.
  • The student must change out of the clothing that he/she wore to school and must wear a designated PE uniform. (For example, the student cannot wear the grey t-shirt that he/she wore to school that day as his/her PE uniform.)
  • Students may not wear clothing inside-out or backwards.
  • Sleeveless shirts and/or tank tops are not acceptable.
  • All clothing must fit within the school-wide dress code policy.

The student’s name must be clearly written on the front of his/her PE uniform.