Work Permit


Application Process:

  • Student completes “Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit”
  • Employer completes the middle section of the request form.
  • All signatures are required: student, parent and principal/designee.
  • The following documents must be verified by the work permit issuer:
    • Valid photo ID (School ID, CA ID or passport)
    • Date of Birth (Birth Certificate, Baptismal Record, or CA ID)

Originals only. Copies will not be accepted. The issuer will copy the originals upon verification. Applications will not be accepted without proper documentation.

Home School/Private School Students:

A letter from your program/school (on official letterhead) is required to verify that you are enrolled or attend their program/school. The letter must contain the following information:

Student Name


Date of Birth

Work Permit Procedures.pdf, 52.21 KB; (Last Modified on September 2, 2018)