August 22, 2021 Message to families

Posted by Molly Couto on 8/22/2021 11:00:00 PM

Good evening Hercules families and community,


Our first week of school was indeed exciting yet challenging. It was exciting to see students in masks with their teachers after more than a year away from “in person learning”.


Yet, it was a challenging week because we're experiencing a teacher shortage like many schools across the state. Yet as a school site, we were able to find teachers for a class section of Social Science  and English. 


And we expect to fill in more class sections within these next two weeks.


Our district headquarters is working closely with us to find subs and new hires to fill our teacher vacancies.


As we work to find teachers, our site will be providing students in our Math & English classes, that are without permanent teachers, online instruction material to help prevent learning loss.


Along with filling our teacher vacancies, ensuring everyone’s safety at school and eliminating or reducing the spread of the Delta-Variant remains a very high school priority.


  • So all students must wear a mask indoors and outdoors on campus.  Gaiters and bandanas are not allowed!  We will provide your child with a mask if they are wearing these items.

Student failure to comply with wearing a mask over their face and nose will result in progressive discipline by administration: ranging from reflective writing, work detail, parent conference, detention, or suspension.

To ensure the safety and health of our school community, please remind your child of the importance of wearing their mask while on campus, as well as entering onto our campus from a single access point, which is through our school tower near our senior parking lot. Students will need to have their current student picture ID to enter onto campus and into class.  


  • Also, as part of COVID-19 safety, please understand that visitors/volunteers will be allowed onto campus on a limited basis. Please contact our office at 510-231-1429 to make an appointment.  According to our district’s new guidelines, one must show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test (72 hours prior to their scheduled appointment). 


  • In addition, please remind your child that they need to bring their textbook and tablet daily to each of their classes.  For this week and next week, we will have visitors who will be checking to see that your child has a textbook and tablet for each of their classes. These visits are known as “Williams Visits.” 


  • Furthermore, please remind your child that food cannot be delivered to students via Doordash, Uber Eats. The food will be confiscated and held in the office until dismissal.


  • Finally, before closing, I would like to thank you for supporting us in ensuring the safety of our school community and for your patience and understanding as we, like many schools, are working through a teacher shortage. And again, we are working closely with our district headquarters to fill our teacher vacancies as fast as possible.   If you have any questions,  please contact our office (510) 231-1429.   


Thank you and have a wonderful night!