Class of 2020 - Graduation Upate

Posted by Paul Mansingh on 5/24/2020

Attention Seniors,

On Wednesday May 27th and Thursday May 28th, each graduating senior along with their direct household family (3 family members plus 1 graduate) will be scheduled for a 3-5 minute block of time for individual filming/photo sessions.  Please refer to the documents that are posted on the school website for your scheduled time. We will have several checkpoints along the path monitored by Hercules Police Department and Campus Security Officers.  Please plan appropriately and accordingly. 

All seniors must enter campus through the middle brown gate leading to the faculty parking lot. Each family entrance and exit will be spaced out so not to allow interaction with other family members. Once through the gate, you will proceed through the service road behind the portables and drive towards the baseball field.  You will then proceed around the baseball field to the yellow gates leading to the Junior Parking Lot.  At that point, all vehicles will be directed to pull forward adjacent to the football ticket booth area.  Once each vehicle is parked, the graduate will exit the vehicle and walk down the sidewalk towards the presentation  area.

Seniors must wear their cap and gown with all additional graduation regalia for this appointment. Each grad will be filmed walking up to a podium/presentation area,  have their name announced, and receive their diploma cover.  In addition, there will be a photographer to capture their graduation photo.  All video clips will be edited to create one video production of all graduates.  The final video production of the graduation ceremony will keep with the original graduation date of June 6th, at 6pm and will be made available through various social media sites.  This production will be accessible through various social media sites for all interested individuals to view  in the privacy of their own homes.

Professional photos and graduation video will be up for sale after the event has been published. 


Vehicle Requirements:

  • All vehicles must be fully enclosed, kept within six feet apart from other vehicles and all occupants need to be from the same household.  For clarity, an enclosed vehicle does not include a motorcycle, convertible with top open, a vehicle with no doors, or a bicycle. 
  • If any of the vehicle windows are open, all occupants must wear face masks. 
  • Occupants of vehicles may not interact with occupants of other vehicles. 
  • No more than 5 individuals per vehicle. 

If your graduate has not signed up for the google classroom, please get in touch with your class officers, or you can email me directly.

Once the graduation by appointment is completed we will be sending out information about locker clean out and textbook returns. It is important to remember that seniors' last day of classes is May 29th and all seniors are expected to meet all district graduation requirements to receive their official high school diploma, which will be available through the main office after June 22nd. 

Update information will be posted on the school website, Hercules High School facebook and through voicemail.  Make sure your phone number is the correct phone number on PowerSchool.

Thank You & Congratulations to the Class of 2020