From the Principal's Desk: Week of November 4th

Posted by Paul Mansingh on 11/3/2019

Our academic conversation of the week pertains to Interpersonal Communication. Students need to communicate with their peers with a vocabulary that reflects respect, dignity, and their intelligence. Expressed vocabulary is a learned and an acquired behavior.  It is not uncommon to hear kids speaking, arguing, roasting, using profanity, and carrying on with little or no awareness of the vocabulary they use. In some instances, the tone can be harsh, combative and derogatory in nature.  Intelligence should not be something we turn on or off, it should be something we actively develop throughout our entire life. The words we choose to use in every day conversations need to represent the intelligent individuals that we are with sensitivity and tolerance to the personal differences of everyone around us.

Senior Boat Cruise is November 16th. We have 10 tickets available for any 12th grade student that did not purchase their tickets last week.  The final day to purchase tickets is Wednesday. You must have a signed permission slip prior to purchasing your tickets. Tickets are $90 for this event.

On November 5th, we will be hosting UC President Janet Napolitano.  All 10th and 11th grade students will participate in a short assembly.  In addition, we will be having representatives from all 9 UC’s for a college fair during lunch.

We had 67 students with perfect attendance for quarter 1!  We encourage more students to strive for perfect attendance for quarter 2!

We need all families to complete the Multipurpose Family Income Lunch applications, which is available on our school website. The online application is secure, and approval, if eligible, is within 24 hours. The link to the lunch applications is available on our school website and on the Hercules High School Facebook page.

Yearbooks are currently on sale for $85. Prices will be going up so don’t miss out on reserving yours through the cashier’s window. Dedication pages are still available. A dedication form can be picked up through Ms. Schrampf in room H105. Full page dedications are $150 and half page dedications are $80. Quarter page dedications are also available for $40. Senior quotes need to be turned into Ms. Schrampf by November 16th

Next Monday, the 11th  is Veterans Day Holiday, there will not be school on that day.

Academic habits continue to be a focus for us. We want all students to be responsible citizens of our school community. That means we expect all students to come to school dressed appropriately with their ID’s visibly hanging around their neck. If a student does not have a photo ID, they will not be allowed into their assigned classroom. Before a student receives a duplicate photo ID, they will need your permission. Each ID costs $3.00 and a lanyard costs $2.00. We do not want your son/daughter to build up excessive fines without your consent. We expect all students to be on time to all their classes, including 1st period class. 1st period starts at 8:20 am and we would like all students to be on campus by 8:10am so they are not late to 1st period class. We will see all of you on campus by 8:10am.

Here we are in the 2nd quarter already. Do you use PowerSchool to review all completed assignments, review all the grades that have been earned, and double check to make sure that you are doing everything that is required of you to get a C or better in each course. If you find your son or daughter is receiving a sub-par grade, please refer to each course syllabus to make sure that all expectations presented by the teacher are being met. If you find that you have concerns regarding the course syllabus or need further clarification on specifics courses, please reach out to individual teachers