From the Principal's Desk: Week of October 28

Posted by Paul Mansingh on 10/27/2019

We hope that you had an enjoyable and safe weekend. The district continues to monitor air quality and power outages. Messages and notifications will be sent out to families, as information is received.

Our academic conversation of the week pertains to the use of social media and its effects on academic performance. As a high school student, the most important job they have is to focus on their academics, develop good habits and acquire useful knowledge so that they can build the necessary skills to move productively in pursuit of higher education and/or a career of their choice.  Yes, school should be considered a job and their academic paycheck is their grades.

The other concern that we have is that of Cyber bullying. Cyber bulling is a crime and students can be criminally charged if found guilty. Some forms of cyber bullying can be sending insulting texts, and sharing or storing inappropriate videos or pics on their electronic devices.  We encourage you to monitor your son or daughter’s electronic device usage, have a discussion with them about appropriate social media use and check their phones on occasions to gain insight to the forms of communication they are engaging in. We encourage you to review all messages/photos that are stored on your child’s cell phone, social media accounts and text messages.

Please make sure you shut down your tablet on a nightly basis, so all updates on software and applications can upload on a nightly basis. Also, it is very important to charge your tablets on a nightly basis, so students can utilize their tablets without interruption.  

1st quarter report cards will be mailed out Thursday to the address we have on record for each student. If you need to update your mailing address, please stop by the front office so we can assist you with that.

Thursday, October 31st is Halloween and we expect all students to be appropriate in the manner they choose to celebrate this holiday.  Students should not bring bags of candy or sweets to share with other students. Check in with individual teachers for questions pertaining to appropriate guidelines for this day. Students are not to wear full face masks, items with excessive goo or odor. Dangerous objects, or toys that replicate dangerous objects are not allowed on campus.

On November 5th, we will be hosting UC President Janet Napolitano.  All 10th and 11th grade students will participate in a short assembly.  In addition, we will be having representatives from all 9 UC’s for a college fair during lunch.

Senior Boat Cruise will be on November 16th. Boat Cruise tickets are on sale for $90 through the cashiers office.

Yearbooks are currently on sale for $85. You can still request your yearbook with your name on the front cover so do not miss out, prices will be going up soon reserve yours through the cashier’s window. Dedication pages are still available. A dedication form can be picked up through Ms. Schrampf or from room H105. Full page dedications are $150, half page dedications are $80 and Quarter page dedications are available for $40. All Senior quotes need to be turned into Ms. Schramp.

All students need to be on campus by 8:10am so you are not late to your 1st period class. Thanks for having your son or daughter on campus by 8:10am. We look forward to seeing all beautiful smiling titan faces on campus bright and early Monday morning!