From the Principal's Desk: Week of October 21

Posted by Paul Mansingh on 10/19/2019

We hope that you all had an enjoyable weekend. The end of the 1st quarter is October 22nd and report cards will be mailed out Thursday, October 31st to the address we have on record.  If you need to update your address, please contact the main office. Honor roll certificates will go out to all students who have earned a 3.0 or above for the 1st quarter.

We encourage each family to reserve some time within the school week to have an academic conversation with your son or daughter. This week’s academic conversation, “How effectively do we use PowerSchool?” Students have a PowerSchool account, Parents have a PowerSchool account and teachers have a PowerSchool account. The purpose of PowerSchool is to enhance communication between all three groups. Take some time to share with each other the benefits that checking PowerSchool can have on monitoring academic progress. Do you use PowerSchool to review all completed assignments, review all the grades that have been earned, and double check to make sure that you are doing everything that is required of you to get a C or better in each course.  PowerSchool can also be used to verify attendance. If you find your son or daughter is receiving a sub-par grade, take time to review each course syllabi, make sure that all expectations presented by the teacher are being met. If you find that you have concerns regarding the course syllabus or need further clarification on specifics courses, please reach out to individual teachers.

Homecoming week is upon us!  We plan on having a parade on Refugio Valley Road on the 25th starting at 10:47am and a school wide assembly during 6th period.  Refugio Valley Road will be closed from 10:47 – 11:00am, so please plan accordingly. The Homecoming football game is Friday night vs. Saint Mary’s at 6pm and the Homecoming dance is Saturday October 26th. Homecoming dance tickets are on sale, make sure you get yours this week!

 There will be a general meeting for the Parent Teacher Organization on October 23 at 6:30pm in the Library. Come out and join the PTO, our membership and parent involvement is growing!

Our 1st School Site Council is October 24th at 4:00pm. These meetings are open to the public and we invite your participation. We are looking for parents to participate as a school site member for these meetings.

If you have not ordered your senior portraits, information on scheduling your appointment is on our school website. The next of senior portraits will be from October 21st – October 25th in the career center. Parking will be available in the staff parking lot after school.  The senior boat cruise will be November 16th, Seniors make sure to purchase your tickets this week!

This week we will be performing dress code sweeps, tardy sweeps and ID checks.  Our # 1 goal is to make sure students are on time to all classes and show themselves as academically prepared so they can learn and earn in each class they are assigned to.  1st period starts at 8:20 am, we would like all students on campus by 8:10am.  We appreciate all you do to get students on campus by 8:10am.  We look forward to seeing all student on campus bright and early Monday morning!