From the Principal's Desk: Week of September 30

Posted by Paul Mansingh on 9/29/2019

The end of 1st quarter is October 23rd.  I hope that you were able to take some time to review your child’s progress report and had an academic conversation with them. How do we respond to our child’s academic performance? Do we only pay attention when they are failing? Do we only communicate with them when they are successful? Or do we respond and acknowledge their performance no matter the level of achievement.  It is important to let your son or daughter know that whether they succeed or fail, we are here to support them.  Support may come in appreciation and praise, but support also comes in motivation, encouragement and tips on how to be successful.  If your son or daughter is receiving a D or an F, we encourage you to review each course syllabi with your child and inquire what they believe they can do to perform better. If you need further clarification, please reach out to individual teachers for information on how your son or daughter can achieve C’s or better. Many teachers post assignments through PowerSchool. If you have not signed up for PowerSchool, you can get the login information through the main office.

Attention seniors, college applications are officially open and those who wish to be considered for early acceptance need to complete their applications by November 30th.  Our academic counselors have posted multiple resources to help you along the process on our school website under academics/college and career advising and on the Hercules High School Facebook page.

We need all families to complete the Multipurpose Family Income Lunch applications online – Any student who has received free lunches or lunches at a reduced price will revert to full price if a renewed lunch application is not received by October 1st. The application is online; it is secure, and approval, if eligible, is within 24 hours. The link to the lunch applications is available on our school website and on the Hercules High School Facebook page.

College Day is October 16th  – All students will be participating in the SAT or some form of the SAT. 9th , 10th and 11th grade will have the PSAT, and 12th grade will get the SAT.  It is very important that we focus on preparing for this day, so all students will perform at their very best. 

Senior Boat Cruise will be on November 16. Tickets are on sale through the cashiers window for $75 and will go up to $85 on October 7th. Don’t delay seniors, get your boat cruise tickets this week.  All participants will need to complete a permission slip with parent signatures and emergency contact information, prior to purchasing their tickets.

Senior dedication pages are on sale. A quarter page is $40, half a page is $80 and full pages are $150.

This week we will be performing dress code, ID and tardy sweeps.  Our # 1 goal is to make sure students are on time to all classes and present themselves as academically dressed for school. 1st period starts at 8:20 am, we would like all students on campus by 8:10am.  We appreciate all you do to get students on campus by 8:10am. 

Academic Habits that create an academic environment: Each day students are expected to have their school issued photo ID on a current Hercules High School lanyard. Students are not allowed in their classes or on campus without their Photo ID. If a student forgot their ID, they have the choice to call home to retrieve their ID or to purchase a replacement one. This is a special reminder that each time your son or daughter requests a replacement ID, it is a $3.00 cost for the ID and a $2.00 cost for the lanyard.  Students are expected to be on time to every class throughout the school day. 

All students need to be on campus by 8:10am so you are not late to your 1st period class. Thanks for having your son or daughter on campus by 8:10am. We look forward to seeing all student on campus bright and early Monday morning!