Weekly Teacher Assignments

Weekly Teacher Assignments:


Sylvester Greenwood Academy 


August  17 2020

Because of the remote classroom's unprecedented change to the learning environment, we have created a list of remote classroom etiquettes that our students are expected to follow to create the best learning environment possible.


  1. Appropriate school-compliant clothing should be worn at all times.
  2. Students should mute their microphone if there is background noise audible to the classroom, including eating.
  3. Log-in with your name.  Nicknames and emojis are not allowed.
  4. When you are in a conference, you should be sitting on a chair at a comfortable table or desk.  Do not lie in bed.   
  5. Grooming habits are the same in remote classrooms as in physical classrooms.
  6. No one is allowed to have other non-class devices (games, game controllers) active or visible.
  7. No distracting or inappropriate background in Zoom or Google Meeting (not other students' /faculty pictures, etc.).
  8. No one should talk on the phone while in a remote classroom.
  9. Use proper language and be respectful to the teacher and your classmates