Greetings 2014-2015

Moving On-The portable campus provided many memorable moments and some that we hope to carry with us to the new school.  Namely our commitment to be a significant part of our community.   Summer is the time that you'll have the most contact with our students, who will be more visible.  Some will be at the workplace, many will be out and about, and we are hoping that all continue their academic journey, whether home or on the road.  Many of the events that we participated in were off site out of necessity, but even when we move into the beautiful new facility, we want to continue to bring our acts out in Pinole.  The church, the public library, the parks, the city council, the middle school and others hosted meaningful events in the past five years, and we liked it!  We will definitely be inviting you to come inside and see what we have but save a place for us outside the arches of the new PVHS, because we liked to be out with you as well.