Greetings 2014-2015

Have Faith-This week is an important one for our faith based Spartans.  How do public schools talk about religion?  Should we talk about it at all?  The answer to the first question in some ways is easier.  Discussions of belief happen everywhere.  A history teacher talking about the Reformation, the Government teacher speaking on a court case involving the first amendment, the Biology class where evolution and natural selection have units of study, and art and music and world language study lend themselves to opportunities to speak about religion.  We hope that school is a safe place for students to not just gain new information but have a rich exchange of ideas from diverse viewpoints.  In terms of whether we should talk about it, we believe that there is always time to talk about values.  What does it take to be a "good" person?  What is the ethical thing to do when you see somebody copying an assignment?  Do you have an obligation to report when you see somebody doing something harmful?  What if it only harms that person?  Issues of morality and choice and belief play a part in the development and growth of all of us; our young people are no exception.  We want everyone, no matter their belief system to have the confidence to voice their views and the openness to welcome others to speak theirs.