Greetings 2014-2015

Summer Break-The school year is over, but the work continues.  Many of us are moving to Pinole Middle to start summer school on Monday June 19th.  Our school office is open Monday-Friday over the summer months, and will be able to serve your transcript, bill paying and registration question needs.  We have the PTSA meeting on Tuesday June 13th and welcome the new faces to see us one more time before we break for vacation.  We have the track filled with conditioning work and of course, construction work on the new campus continues.  The custodial staff is giving rooms the "deep clean" they so want, but haven't been able to get when they are being worked so hard during the year.  We have students doing every kind of learning, from summer credit recovery at PMS, Richmond and Kennedy and some at Contra Costa College.  We have students getting enrichment education and some who are going into the workplace.  We have students who travel and will broaden their horizons as well.  We are excited to indulge in the world around us--knowing that we have had a role there too.  Our students art is going to be in the Alameda County Fair and their work is already present at City Hall.  We have students who will hang out by the library where we have had student volunteers or eat lunch (and clean up) Pinole Creek, which the Earth Team beautified all year long.  Everything is a potential learning opportunity, so keep your senses open and when we ask, "What did you do over your Summer Vacation?" you'll have something amazing to share.