Greetings 2014-2015

Spring forward--There is a lot of looking back at the end of the year--awards, yearbooks, comprehensive exams, but it is also a time to look ahead.  We have our AP students pick up their summer assignments all this week, we have our debate students learn about next year's topic, and we have our rising 8th graders plan what their path will be when they enter high school.  It's a time for renewal and resolutions.  "Next year" is heard a lot around the school from the adults to the student body.  We know the football team is conditioning for the season that is yet to come, and we know that the juniors are getting run to take over the band, the choir, the clubs and the student body leadership.  We applaud those who take bold steps, some anticipating internships or enrichment summer programs, or even to get themselves square by taking on credit recovery classes so they start the next year all caught up.  We believe in the expression 'hope springs eternal' so before we get nostalgic and spend our last few weeks looking back, we encourage all of our stakeholders to face forward and reach out for what's coming up next!