Greetings 2014-2015

Finish Up Strong--Wait, isn't this supposed to be a beginning of the year message?  Of course, it is.  But with the 2018-2019 school year, Pinole Valley will be wrapping up the school year on our portable campus.  We have been in the temporary building since 2014, so this is our fifth and final year before the new school opens.  This means that the senior class will complete their matriculation at the same site that they have been in since they started (not too temporary says the class of 2019!).  But for the rest of the student body, the last touches will be made during their school year just south of the portable campus.  We are very excited for the transition, but know that the business of school will be our priority until the last nail is hammered.  We have lots to celebrate.  The highest AP scores in five years.  Over fifty students winning either blue ribbons or best in class at the Alameda County Fair for their art work.  A teacher of the year leading the best band in the land.  We have new classes--Journalism, and Advanced Engineering.  We have new clubs, new sports and new teachers as well.  We are thrilled to welcome you back this week for walk through registration.  Are we a little earlier than most?  Yes!  That's so we can make any late fixes early.  Hoping that you enjoy the last few weeks of summer break and that they go easier knowing we are here on the job to make sure that the transition and big finish at Pinole Valley go great.