First Day of School

Greetings Gauchos!

On Tuesday, August 16th, all students will attend Advisory (2nd Block teachers) from 8:30 – 9:00 am.  Class schedules should be available on PowerSchool on Friday evening.  If students are unable to access their schedule on PowerSchool, Advisory classes will be posted on the Cafeteria wall.  Students will receive a copy of their schedule in this first Advisory period.

If students have not received their student ID picture, Lifetouch will be available in the small gym on Tuesday morning to take pictures and create badges.  Current student IDs are required to enter campus.  If the student did not obtain their badge at Walk-through Registration or cannot obtain their badge on the first day of school, the student should come to the main office to obtain a badge.

We have a closed campus.  That means that students cannot leave campus without permission and sign-out until the end of their school day.  Our first day schedule is:

Advisory (2nd block teachers)

8:30 – 9:00 AM

Block 1

9:06 – 10:11 AM

Block 1A

9:06 – 9:39 AM

Block 1B

9:39 – 10:11 AM

Block 2

10:17 – 11:22 AM


11:22 – 11:59 AM

Block 3

12:05 – 1:10 PM

Block 4

1:16 – 2:21 PM

Block 4A

1:16 – 1:49 PM

Block 4B

1:49 – 2:21 PM


On the first day of school, if the student does not have a Block 1 class, they must remain on campus.  They can stay in the Quad, cafeteria, garden, library.  If the student does not have a Block 4 class, they may leave campus at the end of their Block 3 class.