Ensuring that we reach our goals

Ensuring that we reach our goals where students achieve, WCCUSD employees stay, and we have engaged communities requires us to equip students with dynamic leaders, effective teachers, and impactful student programs. More specifically, for WCCUSD employees to thrive, we must provide competitive compensation, supportive conditions, and increased capacity. And finally, for WCCUSD communities to be engaged we need safe, welcoming schools, positive school climates, and a continued and enhanced focus on the socio-emotional well-being of all students. These nine areas of work guide our Roadmap for the 2018-19 school year.

The Roadmap places the learner at the center of our work and builds on proven research that the leaders, teachers, principals, and school staff have the most significant impact on academic success. Our plan is rooted in the belief that we must equip WCCUSD students, especially the historically underserved with the skills and knowledge, to not just live among the next generation but to be the innovators and creators of the future.

In community,

Matthew Duffy