Goals for 2022

We must commit to using data effectively and efficiently. We all must shift our focus so that we are all learners, who know what our students need and how to meet those needs. We must support our staff members with site-specific professional development that encourages and empowers them to own their learning and that of their students. Our resources must be treated as scarce and finite and directed and targeted toward student achievement. Finally, we must listen to our school sites and staffs about what their students and communities need.

If we make these shifts to keep our students and their learning at our center, we will meet our three ambitious goals for 2022:

Achieving Students - Where 80 percent of WCCUSD students graduate prepared for college and beyond.
Thriving Employees - Where 80 percent of WCCUSD employees stay with us for at least five years.
Engaged Communities - Where 80 percent of WCCUSD families and students voice high levels of satisfaction with our schools and district.