About the Roadmap 2022

We built the Roadmap on the foundational message of "Whole Child, Whole Community" and on the hard work of WCCUSD staff and families to ensure that despite the challenges facing WCCUSD students they can and does succeed. It was born out of conversations and engagement with teachers, staff, students, families, community partners, and the Board of Education.


WCCUSD has made great strides for its students, assisting many to become the first in their families to not only graduate but to thrive in career, college, and beyond. Even with the successes, we still have much work to do to close our achievement gap. We must ensure that every third grader reads at grade level, that we reclassify all English Language Learners within five years, that all 6th grade African American students are proficient in math, and that all WCCUSD graduates are college and career ready. We must make it our mission that every WCCUSD graduate is prepared for the 21st century and beyond. We must equip students with a new graduate profile based on the current and future needs of our democratic society. We need to prepare the next generation of problem solvers that think deeply and critically, have a broad range of skills and competencies, and can work together and collaboratively.