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ELS Resource Manual

English Learner Services
Procedures and Resource Manual
Table of Contents

New Enrollees

New Enrollee

Home Language Survey:

Arabic    English    Spanish    Tagalog    Portuguese

Vietnamese    Lao    Mandarin    Urdu

Referral by School (English and Spanish)
Reclassification Chart - Elementary (English and Spanish)
Reclassification Chart - Secondary (English and Spanish)

Annual CELDT

Instructional Programs

Program Brochures
DLI Washington (English) (Español)
SEI/ELM (English) (Español)
Secondary SMB (English) (Español)
Elementary TBE (English) (Español)

Parental Exception Waivers

Parental Exception Waiver Forms (English and Español)

Parent Notifications

K-1 Initial Assessment EL  (English) (Español)
Initial Assessment K-1 FEP  (English) (Español)
Initial Assessment 2-12 EL (English) (Español)
Initial Assessment 2-12 I-FEP (English) (Español)

Standards Test in Spanish (STS)

Annual R-30

Ways to Use R-30 Data with School Staff and ELAC


Parent Confirmation Letter RFEP (English) (Español)


Translation Request forms (Oral) (Written)
Unicom Proposals 2007-08  (1) (2) (3)
ELAC Tool Kit (English) (Español)
ELD Standards