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Transcript Request

This form is ONLY used for VISTA HIGH SCHOOL former students. 
Please contact the last school you attended, that is where your transcript will be located, for the instructions on how their process is to order a transcript...

Alumni who last attended or graduated more than one year ago:

Print and complete the Transcript Request Form and submit a copy of your photo ID.  This form and photo ID must be mailed to the School Office:

Vista High School 
Attn: Admissions & Records
2625 Barnard Street Room VH1
Richmond, CA 94806

By law, transcripts are considered a confidential legal document.  Vista High School is allowed to release this information with written permission from the Alumni 18 years or older. Proper identification must be presented at the time of the request along with payment in full. Alumni must give written permission for records to be released for mailing or pickup by anyone other than themselves.

*Note: Any records not picked up within 10 days will be mailed to the Alumni

Only completed forms will be processed.  Do not send email/fax requests. 

There is no “RUSH” service available.