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Principal's Message

Please find the following letter from Richmond High's Administration regarding schools closing for the remainder of the year here:

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March 2020 - Due to school closures because of the Covid-19 virus, updates and school will have to come through online means. Please look on our school website under "Academics" for "Online Learning" to see what your teacher is leaving for you to keep working. 

Families that need HotSpots or WiFi at home, please sign up using this document.

Free lunch is avaialble for our community, Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm for students 18 and younger only. It is avaialble at the following sites; Richmond High, Helms, DeJean, Kennedy and De Anza High. 

Stay safe and stay at home. Check out our updates which are put up daily here for further details. 

Jose A. DeLeon




Dear Richmond High School Community,

It has been an emotional week for the Richmond family. We are mourning the loss of a dear student, Aaron Aldana, who had several connections to the Oiler campus and family. Our thoughts are with Aaron’s family and friends.

We are also dealing with the arrest of a popular teacher on campus for an inappropriate relationship with a student. The teacher has been placed on leave and we are cooperating fully with the Richmond Police Department on the investigation. 

I wanted to let you know that we are supporting students and families in a number of ways through these difficult times. I have met with students that have been affected by the death and arrest this week and will continue to do so throughout next week. Teachers, staff and administrators have also been talking with students and have been diligently observing for any signs of trauma.

We also have a number of support services on campus that have been working to ensure that students, staff and families feel supported, listened to and heard. In addition we also have these student support services available to the Oiler community:

  • CIS/Health Center
  • Bay Area Peace Keepers
  • District Psychologist
  • Y-Team
  • Stand
  • Community Violence Solutions
  • CHAA
  • Familias Unidas
  • Latina Center
  • Restorative Justice/Catholic Charities

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, a counselor, or vice principal.

In community,

Jose A. De Leon



Hello and greetings to our families of Richmond and San Pablo.  We are proud to represent this community in the form of education. We see Richmond High as a community based one stop place for all of your needs. We love that your students come to us for academic help, assistance for life beyond high school, and even health related support. This past year our school has been focused on improving instruction in the classroom, and increasing opportunities for students to practice skill-based learning. We believe that preparing a child for the adult world requires both social emotional support, and academic coaching. Our students need to know how to use technology responsibly, including when to use the cell phone and when not to, and to be prepared to work with others on collaborative efforts. Our students will compete for jobs with all other high school students in the area, so it is the greatest priority that our students leave with confidence to solve problems, work well with others, and speak up for wrongs they have seen or witnessed. By preparing students this way, we believe that the future of Richmond and San Pablo will be a bright one. We encourage our families to come out to our events, and participate in the educational building of our most precious commodity in our lives; our students. Hope to see your support at our events. Thank you.


Jose A. De Leon


Richmond High School