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Check out our College and Career Center Presentation from October 2020!

We hope this year has gotten off to a great start. Here are some announcements from us.


  1. E-MAILS: Counselors will ONLY communicate to you through your SCHOOL E-MAIL, and not your personal email address.

  2. SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUESTS: The last day to request a class change is tomorrow, Friday, August 28th. After then, the form to request to change a class will be closed. If you already submitted a request, DO NOT submit another. Make sure to check your  school email for an update or clarification questions regarding your request.

Honoring your request may mean we need to rearrange your schedule.  Once it is fulfilled, you CANNOT go back to your original/old schedule.  Make sure you 100% want the change you are requesting.

  1. AP CLASSES: The last day to drop an AP class is WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd. After August 28th, use the REQUEST TO SEE COUNSELOR FORM if you want to drop an AP class.

    Note: if you drop an AP class, you are not guaranteed a spot in your Academy’s core classes and your schedule may be rearranged to drop the AP class.

  2. EDGENUITY: Our online credit recovery program, Edgenuity, will start in September.  If you are interested in taking classes through Edgenuity, look for an interest form in the Advisory Google Classroom and the school website.

  3. TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS:  We are still updating student records and are not fulfilling transcript requests at this time. There will be a form posted in the Advisory Google classroom and the school website when we start fulfilling transcript requests. We will notify students when we begin taking requests.

If you took a class at CCC (or other community college), during Spring or Summer, please send your unofficial transcript to your counselor so the class can be added to your academic record. Instructions to access your unofficial transcript for CCC are here.

Seniors may get an unofficial transcript at their Senior Evaluation.

  1. SENIOR EVALUATIONS: We will begin Senior Evaluations on September 7th. Seniors can book an appointment with their counselor through their appointment page. 

Appointments will be:

Monday - Thursday: 11:30 am - 1pm or 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Friday: 10:30 am - 3:00 PM

If you need a different time, submit a “Request to See Counselor” form.

Appointments will not be during synchronous (live) class time or homeroom.

The appointment links will be sent out next week and also posted in the Advisory Google Classroom.

  1. ADVISORY GOOGLE CLASSROOM: The College and Career Center post events, scholarships, resources, information and announcements in the Advisory Google Classroom for each class. If you haven’t joined yet, here are the codes:

2021 Advisory Google Classroom Code:


2022 Advisory Google Classroom Code:


2023 Advisory Google Classroom Code:


2024 Advisory Google Classroom Code: