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September 16th - 20th 2019

RHS Weekly What’s-Up

September 16th - 20th

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes: Think → Collaborate → Act!

SOUL of the Week: +Perception -  Students will develop language and historical and cultural knowledge that affirm and accurately describe their membership in multiple identity groups 

How can you apply this to your classroom this week?

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RHS Photos from 2019-2020




Official Williams Visit - Bring your textbooks to class!

Welcome Back Spirit Week! - Disney Day

7pm Wrestling coaching Meeting with LaMacchia




Welcome Back Spirit Week - Meme Day!

3pm - Writer’s Coach in Library

330pm - WASC Committee Meeting/Leads Council

530/7pm - VBall vs. Leadership




Welcome Back Spirit Week - Cultural Appreciation Day

8am - WASC Collaboration

3pm - Parent WASC Prep Meeting

330pm - Oiler Crew in Cafeteria

630pm Board of Education Meeting @ DeJean




Welcome Back Spirit Week - Decades Day!

8am - Oiler Crew Assembly

9am - Leads Council Meeting

330pm Girls Tennis @ Pinole Valley

4pm - Writer’s Coaches in Library

7pm VBall @ Pinole Valley




Welcome Back Spirit Week - Class Colors

Rally Schedule

8am - Progress Reports Q1 Due [Office needs to print to hand out]

8am - PBIS Committee Meeting

9am - Concilio Latina Meeting in Library

141pm - Rally in Gym - All Students/Staff attend

245pm - Latino Food Sale

530pm - 7pm Tailgate for students and families - games, free food and more!

7pm First Home Football Game vs. Hercules

Saturday & Sunday

9/21 & 9/22

Saturday: Richmond High Open from 8am - 12pm


Instructional Highlight!

Williams Visit - During our practice and our actual Williams Walk-through, each student must have their textbook. Officials will walk through all classrooms and ask that all students hold up their textbooks. What teachers can do to help can be to send any student missing a textbook to the library. Place signs on the doors that students must have their textbook to enter the classroom on Williams Visits. The official visit from the State will be on September 11th and on September 16th.

Please help our Yearbook Club by completing these short surveys:

Coaching and Sports Forms

Club Advisor Survey

Student Behavior

Check out PBISWorld for ideas on intervention strategies when working with students. 

Big Events 1 Month Ahead!

9/20 Progress Reports Due!

9/20 Welcome Back Rally

9/20 First Home Football Game and Tailgate!

9/23 Picture Day!

9/26 Back to School Night

9/27 Minimum day

10/16 PSAT/SAT Day

Weekly Wins!

-Mr. Chacon and Mr. Van De Laarschot for organizing and executing an amazing day of leadership development for our Oiler Crew Leaders. Our leaders gained valuable perspective on bullying and victim blaming that will carry over to our 9th graders. 

 -Axe Throwing PD was a success! Thanks for organizing Ms. Sciacca!