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Let’s finish the year strong


Dear WCCUSD Community:

We know it has been a long year as we have transitioned to in-person instruction after two years of distance learning, and our students and staff are eager for the summer break. I’d like to encourage everyone in our school communities to finish the year strong and on a high note. 

This week we have seen a rise in incidents requiring student disciplinary action. While student privacy laws prevent us from discussing the particulars of any of the incidents, I will say that I am sickened when I see a student being harmed.  The incidents I have been made aware of this week involve students making bad decisions that have long-term consequences. Please understand that we take violence on campus very seriously. Safety is a key area of focus for us: we have worked on site-specific safety plans and held recent community forums to hear feedback and ideas from the community. 

Let’s look out for one another as well. Students need to be informed that it is ok to report incidents of violence to an authority figure. We also ask that any student who captures photos or video of an assault should immediately turn the footage over to a teacher, school administrator or the police. 

Our schools are doing everything in their power to prevent incidents, and to give appropriate consequences when they happen. It will require a community wide effort to support students in making positive choices after a challenging couple of years. We appreciate the support of parents, guardians, and trusted adults in talking to students about positive decision making, and in encouraging students to resolve conflicts peacefully. 


Dr. Kenneth Chris Hurst