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Testing Update from LSA 11/6/2021


WCCUSD Community,

As you may be aware, there were a high number of antigen tests that resulted as positive at a few schools within the district on Friday November 5. Due to the unusually high number of positive results, LSA took measures to test the controls at each of these sites yesterday. Upon testing the controls at these sites, we were not confident in the results of these tests that were taken and we rejected these positive tests in our system. The process of testing the controls is also done when the lab receives the tests from the manufacturer before we send the tests out into the field in an attempt to assure quality.

LSA administered PCR tests on the individuals who had positive antigen tests on November 5. PCR testing is still the “gold standard” for COVID-19 testing and provides the most accurate results. We expedited the processing of these samples and all of these PCR tests were resulted as negative. Students can return to school on Monday.

We sincerely apologize for the concern and frustration this may have caused. All antigen tests that LSA uses are FDA authorized and are reputable products to be used for COVID-19 testing. Moving forward, LSA will be using the Abbott BinaxNow tests as opposed to the Access Bio Carestart product that has been used previously.

LSA appreciates your partnership as we continue to work to improve on the services provided to the WCCUSD community.

Thank you,

Laboratory Services of America