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Vandalism at Our Schools 7/11/2022


Dear WCCUSD community:

For the second weekend in a row, schools in our district were vandalized, leaving significant damage. Over the past two weeks, Nystrom Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Greenwood Academy and Bayview Elementary have been vandalized. Richmond Police informed us charter schools in the area have also been vandalized during this time.

The damage at each school varies, but all will require an extensive cleanup effort. It is truly heartbreaking to see the heavy damage at Lincoln, which was vandalized this weekend and hit the hardest, with extensive damage to rooms, furniture and appliances, and computers. It is unconscionable that anyone would want to intentionally do so much damage to a place that serves as a safe haven and place to learn for so many young people. 

We encourage anyone with any information about these incidents to please contact Richmond Police at 510-233-1214. Each of our schools has an alarm system and there is a security response team that follows a procedure whenever there is a break-in. We will remain proactive about keeping our campuses safe, and will continue to partner with the Richmond Police Department in their investigation and to ensure we have the best procedures in place to protect our schools. 


Dr. Kenneth Chris Hurst