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Student Video Game of the Month

Student Video Game of the Month

In some computer science classes, students have begun using a game engine to create playable video games.

In this assignment, students were able to program a game to launch a projectile object, set bonus objectives, and increase difficulty and player skill through level advancement. Here are some of the skills they acquired during the process:


  •       Designed a title frame with clear instructions on how to play the game along with a start button programmed to advance to the next frame.
  •       Created a sprite from clip art and made it an active object to be used as a launching point.
  •       Distinguished between copies and clones. Copied targets. Cloned launching device.
  •       Used Boolean logic to make sprites behave the way the should during gameplay. (If spacebar is pressed, then move projectile object upward from the original projectile object.)
  •        Programmed direction of projectile object.
  •        Used collision theory (if statements) to destroy flying object. 
  •        Programmed a counter to limit the number of projectile objects and created a victory condition.
  •       Programmed a counter to count the projectile objects using if statements in the event editor. (If the player launches a projectile object, then subtract 1 from the counter object.)
  •        Programmed new levels and increased difficulty by adding more targets and programming them to move more rapidly. 
  •       Created a Hall of Fame and Loser Frame and buttons on these frames to continue play or exit.


The following game was programmed and designed by freshman Daniel Martinez. It is an exe file and is safe to download. Click the link below and then click download. It should take a minute to download. Click Run. Please give Daniel's game a try.