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CCSS & Libraries

WCCUSD Libraries support the Common Core standards

Library Standards were adopted by the State Board of Education on 9/16/10. More information is available on the CA Dept. of Education's Library website. The CDE also provides a two-page informational flyer.
The CA Model Library Standards support the Common Core, not only in English Language Arts but in History/Social Sciences and Science/Technical Arts. This document provides examples of library standards as they align with the Common Core.
Recommended Literature List from the CA Dept. of Education (CDE)
This searchable list of recommended literature was released in March 2013 and aligns with CCSS. The CDE also provides a Resource List that explain how to use the list, how selections were made, and how the selections connect to the standards.
Standards Wordle Follow the progress of WCCUSD as Common Core standards are implemented.
updated 12/4/15