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Bell Schedule

Our bell schedule follows a 6 period day with an additional "A" period that starts at 7:15am. 1st period begins at 8:20am and 6th period ends at 3:25pm ( M. T, Th. & F.). We have a special bell schedule every Wednesday with an early release (1:55pm). Each Wednesday is a modified bell schedule to accommodate for staff collaboration.

Staff Collaboration:

Collaborative practices have proven to be a powerful staff development approach and a potent strategy for school improvement. Collaboration is professional learning that can build a community through continuous cycle of inquiry activities. Collaboration allows opportunities for staff to prepare, train, develop, and unite as a school community. The focus of collaboration is to enhance teaching and learning with a focus on student achievement. Through collaboration, staff would have the opportunity to meet by departments, an entire faculty or combined department chair and/or instructional leadership team meetings.